National Armenian Festivals 2016


The kitchen isn’t just a subject, but also valuable in terms of spiritual and cultural importance. And the kitchen isn’t just a celebration of the cuisine, but also an opportunity to represent ancient cultural deposits, and once again remember our roots and create a rich treasure for the world. Guests at the festivals have the chance to taste a variety of dishes and be involved in the artistic part of the celebrations.
Fish festival
April 12


The fish festival is aimed to make fish dishes more popular in Armenia. For the first festival was choosen Easter eve considering fish the symbol of Christianity. During festival villagers have opportunity to show their product.


"Uduli" Dolma festival
May 16


The Dolma festival is aimed to spread and make dolma more popular, revealing many types of dolma from oblivion, presenting people the cooking methods of dolma, its history. Alongside with the festival folk fete is to be organized. There will be performed national songs, dances and theatrical measures.

"Bread in the Mountains"
June 13

The aim of the Bread festival is to attract public’s attention to how difficult it is to make bread, what way the bread has passed and how important it is for Armenian people, alongside emphasizing that bread is not only a material good for Armenians, but a spiritual value as well. Traditional ritual and holiday dishes festival “Bread in the Mountains” is an exhibition-sale, and the gained proceeds will be used for folklore gathering and for publishing a book including all the information gained as a result of gatherings.

Mulberry festival
July 4

The Mulberry festival is held on the first Saturday in July. The aim of festival  is to make region Syunik more popular for travellers. During the festival guests will have opportunity to taste food and drinks made from mulberry and learn new recipes from locals.

"Navasard" tandoor - house
August 11


“Navasatd” is old Armenians new year when Armenians worshiped to Sun-tandoor and celebrating it via food cooked in tandoor.

“Navasatd” festival is  going to be organized by "OpenSchool" NGO from Tsaghkunk village and "Development and Preservation of Armenian Culinary Traditions" NGO. Navasard festival is a true holiday and celebration with national food, meal cooked in tandoor, games,and songs and dancing.

Sheep shearing festival
June 6


The aim of the Sheep shearing festival is to contribute to the development of public, economic, cultural and civil activities in the region.  Representatives of several communities participated in the festival. The participants in the festival could taste traditional dishes, listen and watch live performances, take a dancing lesson. The guests of the festival were demonstrated three stages how simple wool turns into the best hand-made carpets made by specialists of the Goris Women Resource Centre.

Carpet festival
August 15


The annual Carpet festival is held in Dilijan city, Tavush Region. Handmade items and carpets from both Armenia and Karabakh are featured at the festival. The aim of the festival is to develop social and economic life of this beautiful region and to attract tourists to the country’s regions.

Barbecue, art and music festival
September 12-13


The Barbecue, art and music festival aims to promote regional tourism houses, making the region contribute to the preservation and development of culture and traditions and create a festive mood. National celebration, theater games, music, dancing and songs will be attended during the festival. The several presentations, exhibitions, master classes and ketchup painting shows will be held during the festival aimed to interesting environment for participants. Art and music of Barbecue festival is competition.

Areni wine festival
October 1


Areni wine festival is aimed to promote rural tourism in Armenia. To show rich history, culture and national characteristics of the country. Festival is accompanied by exhibition of paintings, cheese and wine tasting, national dances, songs and etc.

Honey and berry festival
October 16


The Honey and berry festival allow visitors to enjoy the honey and berries of Tavush/Shamshadin region, as well as tasting of traditional dishes made of these berries and honey. Artisans from the local community and from other regions of Armenia will present and sell themed handicrafts during the event.

The festival presents an opportunity to share the cultural values of communities, to contribute to ethnic tourism as well as economic development in the region. The Honey and Berry Festival in Berd is an annual festival implemented with the significant involvement of the local community.

Vardavar - water festival
July 3


Now a Christian tradition, Vardavar's history dates back to pagan times. The ancient festival is traditionally associated with the goddess Astghik who was the goddess of water, beauty, love and fertility. It is tradition of spilling water on each other.As for an ancient legend pagan Godess Astghik had spread love on Armenian earth by pouring water from roses. Vardavar is one of the most favorite, joyful and noteworthy holidays in Armenia. After adopthing Christianity this holiday had some changes and now days it is celebrated as a holiday devoted to the well – known event of the Christ’s transfiguration, when he appeared to his disciples on the Mount Tabor in his brightened appearance.

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Fish festival, Armenia