Barbecue, Art and Music Festival

Armenia, September 12-13

The aim of the Barbecuee festival in Armenia is showing and telling about Armenian traditional cuisine, and contributing the development of surrounding.


Barbecue Festival in Armenia first time took place in 2008 in Lori region.

Akhtala city has become the center of attention for many people who love to eat Armenian dishes, especially barbeque (khorovats).


The barbecue festival's day is special as there is a chance to see in how many different ways Armenians can make Barbeque:“Barbeque in the fireplace”, “Barbeque on the horizontal bar”, “Barbeque in the hole”, “Barbeque in ground oven”, etc.


The guests of the Barbecue festival will get an opportunity not only to taste barbeque but also attend concerts of Armenian folk songs and dances.


You can visit the festival during one-day guided tour or can add it to your extended tour program.
Contact us for more details and booking the tour:
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