8 Days Jeep Tour


Jeep tour in Armenia


Day 1. Arrival


Day 2.


Drive to Geghard rock-cut monastery (UNESCO), then to Garni temple (1st cent.). After, by jeeps, visit to Azat river canyon, see basalt symphony and at the end Azat reservoir with it’s beautiful beaches.

Drive back to Yerevan.

Overnight in Yerevan.


Day 3.


Start drive to North direction. At first, via Aparan to Trchkan waterfall, then to Stepanavan. Visit Lori berd, then continue via Hnevank to Dzoraget.

Overnight in hotel.


Day 4.


Start drive to village Texut. From there start cool off-road to village Kozman. Then continue to village Acharkut, and off-road to Kirants monastery, hidden in the forests. Drive to Dilijan.

Overnight in Dilijan.


Day 5.


Start drive via Sevan peninsula to Noratus (the biggest cemetary and khachkars of Armenia) and then via Selim pass continue to Hermon village.

On the way we can manage to off-road up to Armaghan mountain (2928m), which is volcanic origin and has crater lake on the top, then also off-road to Sevsar petroghpys (5-7000 b.c.).

Overnight in Hermon.


Day 6.


Start drive via Gokhtanik pass to Her-Her village, visit St. Sion monastery, then Her-Her beautiful reservoir, and to Tatev monastery. One of the most amazing places in Armenia. After Tatev, drive to Goris.

Overnight in Goris.


Day 7.


Drive to cave-village Khndzoresk, then back to Yerevan, on the way visit Zorats Karer (one of the oldest observatories in the world), Shaqi waterfall, Noravank monastery in very beautiful canyon.

Overnight in Yerevan


Day 8.



1 Jeep (1-4 person) price – 370000 AMD (fuel included: gas + benzin, or diesel )



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